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Life 12th Jan, 19 0

Boss Lady

Shortly after Kikilomo Adams arrived home that evening her fingers absentmindedly undoing the third button of her tight silk blouse to reveal the smallest hint of a delicate black-lace bra. She drew a lavender-scented bubble…

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Education 27th Jul, 18 0

Heroic of an orphan - The Sun Newspaper Book Review

The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were regarded as the Golden Age of Juvenile Literature, as classial works of juvenilia were produced, leading to the emergence of a new canon. Thomas Hughes' Tom Brown's…

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Nature 19th Apr, 18 0

An Apology Letter to Mother Earth

The simple phrase of “I’m sorry” isn’t just enough.

Dear Mother Earth,

Oh mother earth, your beauty remains a wonder by divine design. Your life forms evolve and my love for you is absolute. You have provided…

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Nature 18th Apr, 18 0

Open letter from Mother Earth

Dear Children of the Soil,

I love the Creator, He is the one who brought me into being. You though are not only children of His spirit, you are mine also. You have a Heavenly Father…

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Life 15th Apr, 18 0

Saturday @ My Local Market

The streets roared with rage for it now was awake from its peaceful slumber. Stalls were stuffed and shopkeepers screamed out offers on the top of their voices to attract customers and buyers desperately tried…

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Environment 13th Apr, 18 2

On my street, in my hood.

Enviromental pollution

The pollution wraps itself around my body like the neither second skin I neither want nor need. The particles invade my lungs and sting my eyes even if I squint into the Lagos city…