On My Street, In My Hood.

Enviromental pollution

The pollution wraps itself around my body like the neither second skin I neither want nor need. The particles invade my lungs and sting my eyes even if I squint into the Lagos city streets. They called it “smog,” weeks ago, now propane or butane but truly it is a chemical soup that can only shorten our lives and exacerbate health issues. Some walk in cloth- like face masks, others hide in homes with air filtration, but most of us can afford neither. …We take food where we can get it and sleep fitfully amidst our own coughing. The old tell of a time when the air was so clean that trees and blossoms had a fragrance and the sky was blue like it is in the movies and adverts from all the electronic billboards. That’s what happened I guess, the real world got worse every day until our wicked government made themselves alternative realities instead of cleaning up the city air.

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