Open Letter From Mother Earth

Dear Children of the Soil,

I love the Creator, He is the one who brought me into being. You though are not only children of His spirit, you are mine also. You have a Heavenly Father and a Mother Earth. Why don’t you love me too? Why do you worship concrete so much? Why are you so content to let me die? Why are you letting most of other species; plant and animals alike suffer too? That isn’t what the almighty Creator planned.

I will tell you the creation story; it is mine to tell! I know better because I was there when He formed you out of me. On the day after He made light that scattered darkness and showed the infinite space.

I was next in line – he made me and wore a vast blue glorious veil over me. I am the base of all things that was made. He separated my body into parts; water and land. I became the home for all that was made. I am the keeper! You are killing me slowly, you pollute me in every way you can – by ocean, sky and land. You chase around after a wealth neither of us gave you.

Gold is only a shiny yellow metal and money – I don’t understand at all. What is it? Is it worth killing me, your mother planet, over? Where will you go children? Where will you go, heaven? Not until you return to me.

Do you plan on eking out life on some barren rock with lakes of poison surrounded by technology? No species can ever recover after killing its home world, its mother. To do so is spiritual suicide; you love me, as I love you.

Abuse isn’t love though and you abuse me with your lust for material wealth you do not need. You live in fear on a planet so achingly beautiful that there is no other like me. I am the best He ever made, you are supposed to be the finest species but you have a cultural insanity that we all don’t understand. You were meant to care for us like in those Eden days. Are those days gone? Children of the soil you need clean water, healthy soils and diverse crops. Your fellow species whom you now call lower are also my children, they need habitats too. You kill and eat the last of them. They need to reproduce not become you artifact and pleasurable trophies from a good hunt. You were never supposed to be greedy like this; you were supposed to respect the spirits of all. He gave you His spirit because He believes you have the ability to preserve. Use it now! Save me now! It’s a mother’s call! Life is sacred, you are sacred. We all are! The circle of life must thrive

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