Saturday @ My Local Market


The streets roared with rage for it now was awake from its peaceful slumber. Stalls were stuffed and shopkeepers screamed out offers on the top of their voices to attract customers and buyers desperately tried to bargain for the best possible prices. This is my local market, a place which is always drowning in the sea of people. Not a single empty place could be spotted between the stalls. Street hawking made the street extremely narrow forci…ng people to walk in a straight file like soldiers going to battle.

The sun mercilessly shone down upon the market. It warmed up the stuffy, stinking air which smelled of sweat and rotting garbage. No air freshener could have defeated this sour, rancid stink which ruled over the cramped air there. Beads of sweat glistened on everyone’s forehead and many faces turned red due to the sweltering heat. The meat stalls packed with shopping wives sampling various pound of meaty flesh. The sellers used their dirty hands to wade off flies pointlessly dancing around the fresh fish and smoked fish alike. A helpless woman fumbled through the scores of bags she carried and tried to tick on a list with a pen clenched between her teeth.
Sweaty buyers skilfully wove their way by locating minute gaps between people and squeezing through. Pickpockets felt like sewage rats in a feeding frenzy and munched purses out of many pockets of innocent buyers too busy bargaining. Experienced visitors like mama Bolu wore tight pants for the same reason.

The afternoon flamed the market exhaustion and breathlessness silently approached the first time visitors, but the everyday buyers proudly held on against the torture of the market and kept shopping. The deafening chaos in the market made ears split as if you were standing under a giant speaker.

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