Why Linda?

  • Diligent and experienced Editor with strong knowledge in assessing and correcting a wide variety of copies supported by the latest technologies.

Skill Set

Editing and Proofreading 90%
Ghostwriting 90%
Learning and Development 95%
Publishing 80%
Research And Summaries 90%

From the Blog

  • What is true peace?

    True peace doesn’t foster hostility or destructionbut embraces mutual respect and a win-win resolutionTowards nature-wildlife conservationTrue peace promotes coexistence and

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  • International Day Of Peace – Equality for All

    One God, many faces. One family, many races. One truth, many paths. One heart, many complexions. One light, many reflections.

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  • Above the Law

    As a lifelong student of the martial arts and a movie buff, I’ve always been interested in martial arts films.

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