Why Linda?

  • Diligent and experienced Editor with strong knowledge in assessing and correcting a wide variety of copies supported by the latest technologies.

Skill Set

Editing and Proofreading 90%
Ghostwriting 90%
Learning and Development 95%
Publishing 80%
Research And Summaries 90%

From the Blog

  • diamond Ring

    Who should wear the Diamond Ring?

    Our lives are full of countless distractions which interfere with opportunities for good family time. It is challenging to find

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  • thai massage

    Messy Massage

    I am going to tell this story because my husband Ugokwe Uzoma has told this same story ten times over.

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  • Emotional Trauma Has No Gender

    It’s been said that women are physically private and emotionally naked. In other words, they have no problem talking about

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  • “I Got Molested On The Popular Lag Bus And I Didn’t Do Anything To Stop It” Ovie Abbatti’s Story

    It’s scary, complex and overwhelming to respond when you’re sexually assaulted on public transit — even when you thought you’d

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  • Boss Lady

    Shortly after Kikilomo Adams arrived home that evening her fingers absentmindedly undoing the third button of her tight silk blouse

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  • Heroic Of An Orphan – The Sun Newspaper Book Review

    The late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were regarded as the Golden Age of Juvenile Literature, as classial works of

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  • mother earth

    An Apology Letter To Mother Earth

    The simple phrase of “I’m sorry” isn’t just enough. Dear Mother Earth, Oh mother earth, your beauty remains a wonder

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  • Open Letter From Mother Earth

    Dear Children of the Soil, I love the Creator, He is the one who brought me into being. You though

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  • Mile-12

    Saturday @ My Local Market

    The streets roared with rage for it now was awake from its peaceful slumber. Stalls were stuffed and shopkeepers screamed

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  • On My Street, In My Hood.

    Enviromental pollution The pollution wraps itself around my body like the neither second skin I neither want nor need. The

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