The Adventures of Ofarimerechi; The Talking Kudu

The Adventures Ofarimerechi; the Talking Kudu shows the adverse effect of war and other human activities on the environment and wildlife. The theme of climate change and animal extinction is pervaded in the chapters of the book. Most of the animal characters in the book are either endangered or extinct. The book shows in the first and second chapters how the tropical rain-forest of Africa is eroded by war killing many animals and destroying their habitat forcing the survival to relocate to safer places in north, south and central Africa. Kudu; an endangered African antelope tells a story of how his herd moved from the tropical rainforest to the thorn bush in arid Savannah after been attacked by air raids.

The book further develops the theme in the great Moa’s resentment towards humans accusing man for invading their habitat and hunting her kind for food. The necessity to keep all animals safe from extinction becomes a key plot, yet accomplishing the task is not an easy feat. Ofarimerechi had to risk his life to save Kudu’s. Ofarimerechi made a promise to the great Moa to keep animals safe from human violence. The story shows the tenacity required to save the animal kingdom and to protect the circle of life. The theme thus connects to other great ideas from great mind. (E.g. I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.” ― Abraham Lincoln

A community war had just ended. Ofarimerechi; an eight year old boy was found in a ruined barn and was taken to a relief camp. He was one of the few war survivals. On a certain day, Ofarimerechi wandered into the forest in a bid to get away from the grief of bereavement coming in bitter waves from the relief camp. The thought of reuniting with his parents flowed through his veins and deadened his mind. As soon as he gained consciousness he was lost.

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