About Linda

Linda Etuk is a Nigerian writer of whose works range from novels to short stories to nonfiction for children and adults. She’s most prominent for her children’s series; The Adventures of Ofarimerechi. She is succeeding in attracting a new generation of readers through her capture of real life experience knitted creatively in fiction.

Linda has a deep passion for child education and has worked with young children for many years. She runs a prestigious creative writing club for young children; Superannica Writers’ Academy where she inspires children to express their ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way.

She is married and currently makes her home in Lagos, Nigeria with her best friend, inspiration and most-loving husband; Akaninyene Etuk – the one who spurs her on to live her dreams.

“Children learn every day and everywhere. Never box a child, unwrap every child and watch them unravel the hidden treasures on their inside” – Linda Etuk

Linda delivers consulting services that increase productivity and profitability. She has had extensive experience in defining and implementing policies for educational programs. With a solid background in Mass Communication in which she earned both the Bachelor and Master’s Degrees, she has developed good communication and interpersonal skills.

She also has strong research and analytical capabilities. Lin has a proven track-record of working with growing schools to increase the quality of education they deliver and to experience significant growth in number.